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Some people get a bit confused about the differences between inpatient and outpatient surgery. Although there are clear distinctions between the two, it’s important to examine what exactly you can expect from each of them. Keep reading to learn about the differences between inpatient and outpatient surgery. You’ll feel better informed and you’ll be less worried about future surgeries that you might need since you’ll know what to expect. 

Outpatient Procedures

For the most part, outpatient procedures are surgeries that are less serious in nature. For example, a circumcision would be an outpatient surgery in most cases. Other examples of common outpatient procedures include most gastric bypass surgeries, hernia surgeries, prostate surgeries, and tonsillectomies. Unless there are some complications that need to be monitored, it’s very likely that most minor surgeries will be outpatient procedures.  

Inpatient Procedures

Inpatient procedures involve more complex or serious types of surgery. If you’re having heart surgery, you’re going to be staying at the hospital to be monitored after everything is done. Inpatient surgery refers to the patient being admitted to the hospital for recovery once the surgery has been completed. If a surgery involves making a larger incision than usual, there is a good chance that it will wind up being an inpatient procedure. 

Some patients will have to stay at the hospital even for surgeries that are typically considered to be outpatient procedures as well. If you’re a high risk patient who has certain medical problems, then it’s unlikely that you’ll be sent home right after a procedure. Also, if patients have problems waking up from anesthesia, the doctors are going to want to keep them to monitor the situation once they wake up. Some people have worse reactions to anesthesia than others, and there will be times where outpatient surgery simply isn’t a possibility due to circumstances. 

Is One Better Than the Other?

This isn’t a situation where outpatient surgery or inpatient surgery is better. Both are important and both have their advantages. Of course, being able to recover from home is nice, and some people really like the convenience of outpatient procedures since they’re less expensive. However, inpatient surgeries might be safer in some instances and can make recovery easier for patients in many circumstances.