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If you’re thinking of going to medical school after finishing your initial schooling, you might be wondering what major you should choose. You don’t necessarily have to choose a specific major during your general college education to be considered for medical school. In fact, many experts say that you should simply focus on whatever path you find to be the most stimulating. Take a look at the majors below and see why they’re all fine options for people who plan to go to medical school. 

Business Major

A business major might be a good fit for those who wish to go to medical school. After you have finished medical school, you’re probably going to want to go into business for yourself. Being able to successfully run a medical practice will make use of the business skills that you learned during your initial college years. This is a very practical major to choose for many prospective doctors. 

Science Major

There are many reasons why you should consider choosing a science major when you want to go to medical school. Firstly, science is very related to the medical field and it makes sense to want to have a solid scientific background. You’ll also find that learning about cutting-edge sciences such as neuroscience will prepare you for the future of medicine. Medicine will continue to change as new technologies and techniques are learned by humanity as a whole. 

You could also major in a scientific field that is related to pharmacology. Various chemistry courses will be quite useful to you during your career as a doctor. You’ll be able to gain a greater understanding of the mechanisms that allow medications to work. This could lead to you being better at prescribing medications as a professional. 

Liberal Arts Major

A liberal arts major might seem like an odd fit for medical schools, but this isn’t actually the case. Being a successful doctor is largely about being able to communicate with patients and help them make positive health choices. Liberal arts majors are often more expressive and have the emotional intelligence that is necessary to forge bonds with patients. A liberal arts background could be perfect for you if you want to become a doctor.